UPDATE: 3/9/2023

Due to the recent decrease in fuel prices, ALL deliveries on our trucks will now incur an $3 Fuel Surcharge fee. (Reduced from $5)

Our new truck route delivery charges including the fuel surcharge are: $250-$500 order: $13 Delivery / $500-$2000 order: $10 Delivery / $2000+ order: $8 Delivery / Ecom $500+ order: $8 Delivery

UPS remains a secondary option for tackle deliveries.  We will still maintain our 5% freight allowance on UPS shipments over $500 – That means on a $500 shipped value tackle order, we will pay the first $25.00 of freight costs.  Even though UPS rates have also gone up, for most basic non-oversized items, the 5% freight allowance will cover most if not all of your cost. (Some items are not shippable due to their size and weight.)  We are a one-day zone for most accounts.  This could be a way to help you minimize your delivery fees.  If we have your order by 3pm we can still ship it out that day.

Thank you for your continued support and business,

All of Us at Regal Marine Products, Inc.