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Welcome to our web site!  The 2021 Catalog is HERE...over 1,600 new items and 4 new brands!!!


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We DO NOT sell to the public.



To All our VERY valued customers,

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are well and that you all continue to be safe and healthy.

What a year!  As the season winds down We Thank You all for your business and your patience throughout this past season. 

One of the biggest challenges has been getting enough supply!  We are still seeing major delays and backorders from the manufacturers, even as we enter the fall months.  Many have said they have product on order, but due to production halts, and increased demand, delays from overseas have been "months".  It is the hope that as business slows for the winter, they can take this time to get caught up on inventory.  We expect that it will improve, but still be challenging next season.

We will continue our scheduled deliveries through Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, based on weather and demand, we hope to deliver to most areas one day a week through Christmas.  Most likely a Thursday or Friday, dependent upon orders.  UPS will be available throughout the winter. If your delivery is going UPS, please place your order by 3pm.

Our 2021 "No-Show" Program begins on 11/15/20.  There are tons of great deals and terms.  Get ready for 2021!!! Check it out and give us a call if you have any questions.

Be Well – Be Safe – Stay Healthy,

Your crew at Regal,

Glenn, Melissa, Mark and Kerri 



As you know we have been struggling to keep product in stock. The GOOD news is, more product is on the way!! However, demand continues to outweigh the supply!

In an effort to accommodate as many orders as we can, we may need to place limits on certain items and adjust the quantities on orders placed through the website until the manufacturers can catch back up.

We thank you all for your continued support during this time. 

Be Well !!

Glenn, Melissa, Mark and Kerri


Our current operating hours are 9:30am-4pm.  We MUST cut off orders at 4pm in an effort to continue to ship orders on time.  PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU by getting your orders in to us as EARLY in the day as possible  - Thank you and #staysafe

The Order Center


It's Here!!!  The Order Center  is our B2B portal for you to create and submit your order to Regal. You can build and submit your order, check availability and pricing, and even see your previously purchased items and reorder them. You can also see your prior orders and check you balance and last payment made.  And The Order Center  is open 24/7!!  Just submit your order by 4pm the day before your scheduled delivery.  Wanna check it out? Just give us a call to setup your login and then click the link below or point your favorite web browser to order.regalbait.com  Give it a try...we think you'll be hooked!