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We are a Wholesale Distributor, ONLY.

We DO NOT sell to the public.

Hours of Operation

Our current WINTER operating hours are 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday thru Friday. 

We do not have scheduled deliveries until the spring, but please call if you need anything. We will run a delivery truck as orders permit. We can also ship via UPS everyday for all orders that are not oversized.

UPS orders must be in by 3pm to get out the same day. 


UPDATE: 3/9/2023

Due to the recent decrease in fuel prices, ALL deliveries on our trucks will now incur an $3 Fuel Surcharge fee. (Reduced from $5)

Our new truck route delivery charges including the fuel surcharge are: $250-$500 order: $13 Delivery / $500-$2000 order: $10 Delivery / $2000+ order: $8 Delivery / Ecom $500+ order: $8 Delivery

UPS remains a secondary option for tackle deliveries.  We will still maintain our 5% freight allowance on UPS shipments over $500 – That means on a $500 shipped value tackle order, we will pay the first $25.00 of freight costs.  Even though UPS rates have also gone up, for most basic non-oversized items, the 5% freight allowance will cover most if not all of your cost. (Some items are not shippable due to their size and weight.)  We are a one-day zone for most accounts.  This could be a way to help you minimize your delivery fees.  If we have your order by 3pm we can still ship it out that day.

Thank you for your continued support and business,

All of Us at Regal Marine Products, Inc.

The Order Center



It's Here!!!  The Order Center  is our B2B portal for you to create and submit your order to Regal. You can build and submit your order, check availability and pricing, and even see your previously purchased items and reorder them. You can also see your prior orders and check you balance and last payment made.  And The Order Center  is open 24/7!!  Just submit your order by 4pm the day before your scheduled delivery.  Wanna check it out? Just give us a call to setup your login and then click the link below or point your favorite web browser to order.regalbait.com  Give it a try...we think you'll be hooked!ocscreen

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We have started a Private Facebook Group, NOT open to the public, where we will be able to update you with new products, shipments, specials and other general information!

If you would like to be part of the group, please search for us on Facebook under “Regal Marine Products, Inc. Wholesale Bait and Tackle Distributor” or follow this link to join!



Use your smartphone’s camera to scan this QR code that will

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Please remember to ANSWER the questions to join the group as it is STRICTLY for customers only.             

We are looking forward to having this new platform to interact with all of you!  - Melissa